Doctors Baffled
Japanese Way to Detox Your Body and Lose Weight

These weird detox patches promise clients to reduce most  pain disorders while passively lose weight in their sleep

but is it actually working?

By Joseph C.Bennat | Health USA

Detox patch wearers are shocked by the toxins removed from their body

It is seldom that experts agree on something: All the more understandable is the triumph of these detoxification patches, which are currently taking the United States by storm.

Nuubu is the name of the soles from Japan that are currently inspiring pain-plagued and diet-weary people on both sides of the Atlantic. The concept of this special detox patch is as simple as it is ingenious.

One patch is highly effective for over 30 pain factors and makes losing weight child's play

If you are wondering how this is supposed to work, its important you keep reading this. This is the information we found for you that explains why Foot-Detox is a pain and weight loss all-rounder:

This overnight detox concept can be traced back to traditional Chinese medicine: It takes advantage of the fact that our nervous system is interconnected throughout the body. If a certain point is stimulated, this also affects the rest of the body.


The special effect against pain comes from the natural detoxification of the whole body via the sole of the foot! When blood circulates through the foot, the patch uses these points to remove any impurities. When harmful elements are pushed away, they land on the lower extremities such as the feet. Gravity also helps bring these heavy metals and impurities to our feet – the place where you put Nuubu to remove them from your body. 


The plasters are overweight eaters! Because the constant activation of the nerve tracts also gets the metabolism going. Even if you only use the patch overnight, the effect works: you lose weight because your metabolism burns fat for you!


Chinese refers the foot as a "second heart" And treat diseases through foot detox

Doctors are thrilled - save thousands of dollars thanks to Nuubu Detox patches

The medical profession is enthusiastic about the product because its effectiveness is so simply and clearly proven. But the experts also highlight another effect: While tension or chronic pain often lead to operations that are not covered by health insurance, detox plasters offer a risk-free and above all economical alternative!
Because instead of having to invest thousands of dollars in treatments, all you need to do is buy detox patches to alleviate your symptoms!

How to tell if your body is suffering from toxin overload

Nutritionists also strongly recommend these patches

For people who want to lose weight, Nuubu is a real revelation. Because it is precisely these people who often suffer from tension or chronic pain. With Nuubu foot orthoses you can now kill two birds with one stone, so nutritionists highly recommend these foot orthoses right now! By helping you lose weight, the soles generally reduce your susceptibility to muscle-related pain. At the same time, the soles help to drastically reduce your susceptibility to pain, so you benefit twice from the Nuubu principle.

Relaxation for the mind and soul: Nuubu wearers are happier, more productive, and less stressed

Foot patch leading brand for weight loss and holistic healing

Why this is so is easy to explain: Studies have found that pain disorders do not just hurt, but intervene sensitively in the factors of personal satisfaction, productivity and stress. This also applies if a high consumption of painkillers is required to reduce this pain or if risky operations are performed.
The costs associated with the pain also have a particularly strong effect! The proportion that Americans spend on ibuprofen and Co. has been rising sharply for years. Up to $1200 a year is not uncommon for those suffering from chronic pain. Operations for which the health insurer often does not pay are even more expensive.

Nuubu product customers swear by
"this is more than regular detox patches"

Customers save thousands of dollars because they no longer have to invest money in expensive, useless products or alternative solutions! You should experience noticeable benefits after using Nuubu. The manufacturer claims the patches will look very dirty after the first night.

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 The manufacturer informed us that due to the

 very high demand for this product: at the moment

 most patches are out of stock.

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